Reading Challenges 2011

These are the reading challenges I'm taking on for 2011. Yes, I'm a bit crazy, but they looked like fun. So here goes! I had fun last year signing up for what turned out to be way too many reading challenges. I told myself I was going to be more conservative this year. I opted out of the ones that caused me the most stress as the year wore on. I had a nice collection of do-able challenges lined up. But that's not what "challenge" is all about. Right? I keep finding new and interesting sounding challenges and now this is my list for this year. It may have others added as I go along. Who knows? I will keep it updated with progress reports on how I'm doing.

Victorian Literature Challenge
Sense and Sensibility level -- 4 books

Shakespeare Reading Challenge
Puck level-- 4 books (one slot may be a movie or live performance)

Gothic Reading Challenge
The Darkness Within-- 5 books

Wordsworth Classics Reading Challenge 2011
Bourgeois level-- 5 books

2011 Vintage Mystery Reading Challenge
In A Murderous Mood-- 6 books

1st in a Series Challenge 2011
Series Lover-- 6 books

Inspirational E-book Challenge
6 e-books

1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die Challenge
Bachelor's Degree-- 10 books

2011 Original TBR (To Be Read)
12 books

Here are the books I plan to complete for this one:
1. The Knowledge Deficit
2. Living in Divine Health
3. You Can Still Wear Cute Shoes
4. Lucifer's Flood
5. Bringing Up Geeks
6. Untamed
7. Lies Women Believe
8. The Potluck Club
9. Celebration of Simplicity
10. Love in the House
11. Novel Crimes
12. Forever Ruined for the Ordinary
Alternates: Large Family Logistics, Confessions of a Prayer Slacker,

Buy one Book and Read It 2011
Level 2-- 12 books

Young Reader's Challenge 2011
12 books

2011 Christian Non-Fiction Challenge
12 books

2011 E-Book Reading Challenge
Addicted-- 12 books

Cruisin' Through the Cozies Challenge
Super Sleuth-- 13 books

Foodie Reading Challenge for 2011
Glutton-- 13 books

My Book Bucket
20 books

Off the Shelf Challenge
Trying-- 20 books
Off The Shelf!

ARC Reading Challenge
Level Platinum--30+ books

100+ Reading Challenge
100+ books

Pick Your Poison Reading Challenge
Monkshood level-- 12+ books
I'm doing a culinary mystery challenge.

Mystery and Suspense Challenge
12 books

I"m also participating in the Perpetual Agatha Christie Reading Challenge over at Mysteries in Paradise.